We provide courses aimed directly at the public, so that anybody can learn more about meditation for children.

These courses are intended specifically for teachers, educators, psychologists, pediatricians, therapists, parents, and anybody who likes to work with children. These Little Buddha mini-courses have been in high demand everywhere from Minho to the Algarve, which we take to be an excellent sign that things really are changing for the better!

Introduction to Meditation

The courses are led by Tomás Mello Breyner (project founder) and other members of the Little Buddha team. They are aimed at anybody who would like to guide children aged four and upwards in meditation. As well as learning various types of meditation for children, you will also be able to join the Little Buddha project as our representative in the areas where you live and work. The courses last 1 day (8h) and are divided into two parts. Meditation for adults Meditation for children
Formacoes 01
Meditation for adults, since only those who practice meditation will be able to teach it
Formacoes 02
Meditation for children. Benefits, exercises, techniques, challenges and project implementation.

Upcoming courses

The training of Little Buddha is much more than training, it is delivery, it is affection, it is love for the project, for the work they do. Gratitude for teaching how to reach each child, for transmitting in such a welcoming way how we can help make our children happier. Congratulations for the sparkle in your eyes every time you talk about the project.


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