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Socio-Emotional Skills Programs for Students

Pequeno Buda also has a Socio-Emotional Skills program for the following age groups: Children and Youth from pre-school to secondary school. The aim is to equip students with knowledge and skills that will enable them to successfully deal with daily challenges and increase their well-being and self-awareness.

Some of the topics covered are:
• Emotional intelligence
• Mindfulness and Focus on Goals
• Knowledge of one’s own emotions and those of others
• Understanding and regulating emotions
• Self esteem
• Self motivation
• Empathy
• Conflict resolution
• Social skills
• Relationship between peers

Activities are developed in order to work on the 5 basic skills, according to the CASEL model: Emotional Awareness, Social Awareness, Relational Skills, Decision Making/Emotional Autonomy and Emotional Self-Regulation.

To this end, we use playful methodologies such as group dynamics, expression through art, games and sharing in a circle, always adapted to different ages.

Cost per session: Weekly or Fortnightly – €60+VAT or Paid by parents/guardians through monthly fee

Note: In order to ensure the quality of the programme, it has a maximum number of 12-20 participants depending on age.